Broken stuff?
There’s a fix for that.

Repair Cafe Peterborough is hosted once a month by a group of volunteers at The Spill in downtown Peterborough.


They fix common household items free of charge, including broken kettles, headphones, vacuums, computers, toasters, clothing, and lamps.

Lindsay Stroud, one of the organizers of the events, explains:

“We live in a world where we just throw out what is broken instead of trying to fix it. We provide our community with the opportunity to have their household items repaired, instead of destining them for the landfill. We don’t want people to feel forced to buy new items every time something breaks. The Repair Café offers a great way to extend the life of household goods and save money.”

Here Dave Sullivan, is fixing a kettle for Mary Goldsmith.

Don’t waste it – fix it!

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