“We had one teenage girl find a “Hollister” sweater at The Free Market and she took it home. One week later, she came back and thanked us because the kids at school stopped teasing her. It was quite touching actually … not only did we keep that sweater out of the landfill, but we felt like we helped someone get out of an unfortunate situation.”

Don’t be mean…go green.


The Free Market began as an initiative in 2005 by a group of Trent University students who wanted to promote the values of reusing and recycling over discarding and re-consuming. The Free Market aims to reduce the stigma around “second-hand” goods and reduce waste.

Both students here are wearing clothing they found at The Free Market, located at Sadleir House!

Completely free, and always will be, absolutely anyone can stop by The Free Market and pick up clothing, toys and other freebie treasures. Thanks for your ‪#‎ptboraog‬!

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