What is the secret recipe for a sustainable future?
What is the Main Ingredient?
Why, The Main Ingredient itself, is located right here…in Peterborough!
The owner, Ken, spills his secret recipe:


“The very nature of our business is green focused. There have been many advancements in recycling in Peterborough in our 37 years but by allowing customers to buy only what they need, using their own containers or using the ones that other customers have brought in for them to use, we know that there is significantly less going to the landfill/ recycle center. We went the first 20 years without buying a single grocery bag as our great customers always kept us well stocked. Since that time, we still get loads of bags every week but if we fall short we provide recycles/compostable bags for those who do not bring their own. On the supply side, we recycle every bit of box-board and corrugated boxes as well as paper and plastic. We have cold storage but we still track the age of our stock and if something fails to sell we always give it to the Brock Mission. There is very little waste in our business, but most of all and in the end, the customer save lots of money with our low prices compared to the grocery stores and the big box franchise bulk stores, but because they only buy what they need, there is a cost saving and very little waste compared to buying big boxes of something that one does not need”

An Ad from the 1980’s! Thank you to The Main Ingredient for helping keep Peterborough green!


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