My grandson, 10-year-old Xavier, had been asking for a guitar for months. He spies them in Costco and he’s drawn like metal to a high power magnet. This is refreshing in a time of X-Boxes, Wii’s and DS’s.

In October I scored gift certificates for eight music lessons from Mat’s Music at the “Because It’s Buzz” benefit concert. I knew Mat Fines from his monthly Bluegrass stint at the Black Horse (1st Sunday of every month—just a little plug for Mat and Ray). He’s a fine musician, especially on the steel guitar and the banjo, and I know he will be a gentle teacher for Xavier. The certificates will be given to Xavier for Christmas and lessons will commence in January. If all goes well, he will be gifted more lessons for his birthday in March.

This, of course, is not the guitar that Xavier initially yearned for. But it is a stepping stone if he chooses. This keeps a lovely old instrument in service, teaches Xavier more skills and garners a new appreciation of music for him and, hopefully, a new friend in Mat. The box and the ribbon the certificates are in are recycled from past holiday celebrations.

The gift of music lasts forever and, snow or no, I am pleased that I have contributed to a green Christmas.

Lynn Teatro