Meet Tegan.

“I know it is kind of weird but my random act of green is that I
use 2 old wholesale mayo container as buckets. They are about ~3-4L
each, and when I take a shower, I use them to catch water. I use this
to fill the toilet after flushing to re-use the water. Also, I only
use the shower to rinse and turn it off when lathering. I am conscious
of our large water consumption in Canada, and the vulnerability of the
world’s fresh water reserves. Water is a source of life and should be
respected and better cared-for.”

-Tegan, 25, prospective graduate student.
-Hometown: Toronto Island


We captured Tegan today at Natas Cafe.

Totally random… but totally green. Thanks Tegan!


  • Tegan, you are speaking my language! I do my best to rinse with water and shut it off to lather, but using the water to refill the toilet tank???! That’s genius!!!

    Now to find some buckets…

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    • Hey Reuben,
      Thanks for your comment! Glad to know you are contributing to acts of “green-ness”. If you would like to be featured in a story, please contact me! I’d love to hear from you 😉


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