Ghosts, goblins, zombies, witches, pumpkins and black cats – are you afraid of the dark this Halloween?

And how about climate change?

Our changing climate can be horrifying, but Random Acts of Green™ wants you to take the HallowGreen™ Challenge to be heroes this October – to help combat terrifying planet nightmares!

Random Acts of Green is all about inspiring people to commit good, “green acts” at home, work or play.

Citizens, school boards, classrooms, offices and businesses are being encouraged to take the 31 day HallowGreen Challenge during the month of October (and beyond!) to inspire more people to make changes in their behaviours to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out the official HallowGreen calendar below to see if you’re up for this spooky 31-day challenge.


How you can participate in the Random Acts of Green HallowGreen Challenge this year:

  1. Send us a photo/video of yourself doing a suggested #RandomActsofGreen (visit
  2. Use the hashtag #HallowGreen and #RandomActsofGreen to help us keep track
  3. The more “acts of green” you complete, the more times you are entered into a draw to win a prize!

Random Acts of Green’s CEO Jessica Correa is excited about using HallowGreen to inspire people to make better lifestyle choices. “HallowGreen is meant to challenge people to think about their day-to-day actions and to move beyond just recycling,” she says. “There are many more actions people can take and we are here to educate the public about how to make better choices – and then celebrate the people who are taking the challenge.”

Correa says that she was inspired by the popularity of Halloween throughout the years and thought she could extend its meaning to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to provide a prize for HallowGreen or sponsor the campaign? Simply e-mail us at

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Let’s creep it green, people!
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For More Information, please contact: Jessica Correa, 705-957-8575